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Development of (e-) bicycle tourism, in a nature conscious and sustainable way, to promote local biodiversity


Clearly identified project results are based on a strong and well thought through intervention logic. Structuring the project in a bottom-up approach, ensures the feasibility of these results, within a realistic time-frame. Through the development of the bicycle park and routes, catering to a new touristic audience. Boosting local economy of the two regions, by several million € during low and medium seasons. In these terms, the project is expected to lead to a significant increase of summer tourism. Raising awareness about the natural assets of the regions, as the mini-botanic gardens along the routes will highlight the endemic biodiversity. Involve young people and entrepreneurs in the preservation of local nature. The collection of know-how & coordination among all the actors for the improvement and development of the tourism in the area and the exploitation of the natural and cultural resources is also possible.
The partnership additionally guarantees the implementation of the project on a cross-border level, enabling joint approaches to common problems & opportunities. The organization of athletic events will be perfect opportunity for networking and awareness raising activities that could lead to sustainable local development in the cross-border area, bringing cross-border cooperation to a new level. Increasing the number of visitors in the area since it will be easy access to information (through the website and the mobile app) and the natural beauty of the area alongside with the athletic aspect are part of an alternative type of vacation. Over the long-term, the project, mainly through the boost to the tourism industry, will help to

  • Increase tourism influx and also the permanent population of the area because of the increased job opportunities
  • Capitalize on the experiences gained & lessons learned to enhance local tourism conditions and
  • Improve local sustainable development.

Stay tuned for regular updates, provided on the actions of e-natura.