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Development of (e-) bicycle tourism, in a nature conscious and sustainable way, to promote local biodiversity


The tangible outputs, carefully selected to address the project objectives, are summarized below.

To be implemented in Greece:

  • The development of a bicycle action park at the Municipality of Florina, for extreme/technical sports like downhill, freeride and dirt jumping. This focuses on Objective 1 of the program.
  • The definition of 2 technical mountain bike trails, with a medium distance of ≈10km and notable elevation. This will contribute to Objective 1, while being implemented in consideration of Objective 2, as the trails will highlight the surrounding nature in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  • The construction of 2 protected mini-botanic gardens along the routes, one of which with an integrated solar charging station, to support e-bikes. Dedicated to Objective 3, this action is designed to preserve and protect the exhibited plants, trees etc. while the labels providing information as to the displayed natural resources, will promote the natural assets of the region.

    To be implemented in Albania:

  • The definition of at least 4 interlinked mountain bike and endurance trails. These trails will have a distance of more than 100km and vary from novice to demanding.
  • The construction of 4 protected mini-botanic gardens along the routes, all with an integrated solar charging station, to support e-bikes.